About us

During the last 20 years or so we have learned so much about our legal system, the good, and the bad. We spent time dealing with just about every kind of legal situation you could think of. We've learned some pretty clever work arounds and legal loophole just like the loophole this kit takes advantage of. Throughout our time in the legal field we watched as people came in and gave their hard earned money desperately trying to replace a title while only holding a bill of sale, never knowing that once they paid and left it was nothing more than someone spending about 5 minutes filling out a form and mailing it in to have a new replacement title on the way. Every since then we have always wanted to find a way to bring this to those who would otherwise have to spend hundreds that they didn't have trying to get a title. So we came up with a product that would help people in need without costing them a fortune. The Lost Title kit.

The near future…

Soon we hope to be in a position to bring more products helping in different legal issues. Customer satisfaction is our top priority because if you’re not happy we’re not happy. So if you need anything just go to our contact page and contact us 24/7 we look forward to hearing from you. ‚Äč

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