“The Original Lost Title Kit.”

Our kit takes advantage of “The Single state Loophole”

When people tell you that you CAN’T get a title with just a bill of sale that is in fact TRUE. You can’t get a title with just a bill of sale. See the D.M.V. does not deny people titles to property if they can prove ownership. This is the problem that arises, PROOF OF OWNERSHIP and having proof of payment (B.O.S.) is two totally different things. Thankfully the laws have remedies for people in situation such as these, but most just don’t know how to find or implement them. Introducing “The Lost Title Kit” Our kit helps you implement a loophole in the law that when implemented gets you the proof of ownership documents needed. These are legally issued by the state. Once you have these its as simple as going to your court house where they will issue your title! This is why you only need a bill of sale. We use the bill of sale to get the proof of ownership documents. Simply put, our kit just saves the time and money that  spent finding, hiring, and then dealing with an attorney. The entire process is just to easy. So we felt that this should be something anyone could do, in the comfort of their own home and in their spare time. You can do this entire process through the mail and with out the need of any legal help, or any help at all for that matter. It’s so easy a child can do it.

What is a legal loophole?

  • A Legal loophole – An omission or Ambiguity in a legal document that allows the intent of the document to be evaded either partially or even completely.. Loopholes come into being through the passage of statutes, the enactment of regulations, the drafting of contracts or the decisions of courts.

  • These are usually clerical errors, mostly small mistakes in legal agreements or laws that result in someone having the opportunity to legally circumvent some or even all the requirements that were previously binding:

Here's what Johnathan had to say...

I recently purchased the title kit and I really want to tell my experience in hopes that it may help someone else who may be on the fence as I was. My doubts were many but mostly because there were so many people telling me how this was illegal and how it's not possible. A couple people that even said they had extensive knowledge in recovering titles and they warned me against it. Well your price was low enough that I decided to chance it because I really couldn't find any other options it seemed like I had already tried everything. So to make this long story short, today when I checked my mail it was in there. My new title. It was in my name and all. I had a 2003 mustang that I purchased about a year ago with just a bill of sale and just like you advertised a bill of sale was all that was required. So for everyone who told me not to do this I say thanks a lot and I'm sure glad I didn't listen. I hope others give it a try I'm telling everyone I know. Thanks.
Johnathan Robinsen


This is by far the most cost effective and speedy solution to this problem. If your car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, etc. is 15yrs of age or older and you have your bill of sale, then this kit is for you!

"The Single State Loophole"

Our kit utilizes "THE SINGLE STATE LOOPHOLE". This process is 100% legal! This system has been used successfully for years. Most just never knew about it. Until now! The process has been used in law offices all over the country and just don't tell you about it. Why would they, your paying cash!

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Reuse the kit as many times as you need. Some of our customers have even started their own businesses helping others. You can to!

The Lost Title Kit

A proven title replacement system. It's no bonded title, this a 100% legal and in your name REPLACEMENT TITLE. As long as your car, boat, motorcycle, trailer, etc. is at least 15yrs old and you can produce a bill of sale this kit is for you.

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Awesome product! Highly recommend this one!!!!!
Jerry P.


This is so great. We got our title in today. I wasn't sure if this would work out but OMG thank you so much. Highly recommend this if anyone is thinking about it. Its so easy and it's a really fast process as well. Im so happy right now!
Lauren E.
Home maker


Worked for us. Thanks!
Peggy D.

Its just so much easier with the kit! For less than you pay for dinner you can get the only kit available that's already done all the hard work for you, you just fill in the blanks! Fast and easy!

We gladly carry all the risk. When you purchase from us if your not happy we're not happy. We will give you a full refund and you can keep the kit as our thanks for trying. We're not worried though, we know your gonna love it!

Great product! All I can say is THANK YOU.
John B
Wonderful kit. Thank you so much for answering my questions and for calling me as quickly as you did. It's been a great pleasure.
Kallii Coleman

A 100% legal work around (loophole) that  legally gets your title! It’s faster and it’s easier  than any of the other alternatives methods to date. We have worked really hard at getting our price down to the lowest price possible. At the very least we have to turn a small profit or we wouldn’t be able to bring a product like this to you. Please don’t listen to the naa sayers who have never even tried our kit and are only repeating what someone has told them. We understand most people  believe this is not possible. It’s only b/c THE SINGLE STATE LOOPHOLE has been a closely guarded secret for years and most have just never heard of it. This is a great benefit though. Just think about it. Our kit can be used over and over as many times as you like. Numerous customers of ours have went on to start very lucrative  title recovery businesses and so could you. Simply give it a try. Once you’ve had time to look it over if you decide your not completely satisfied we will not only give you a 100% refund but you keep the kit just for trying it out! GUARANTEED! 

We are proud of the rating our kit has earned!

4.7 out of 5 stars-